art of summer

Join MPT camp counselor Krissy this week, and spark your creativity with these art and music activities.

Ages 3-5

3D Art Projects

These works of art are also a 3D sensory treat! Let your children paint and create, then microwave their pictures and hang them up.

Sidewalk Chalk

From hopscotch to street art, sidewalk chalk opens up a world of ways to play this summer!

TP Roll Maracas

Make some music with these colorful maracas crafted from recycled toilet paper rolls! This project is a great sensory activity for young children.

Peruvian Siku Flute!

Create your own siku flute and, along the way, discover that instruments and music are all around you.

Ages 6-8

Beaded Suncatcher

Follow step-by-step instructions to create a beaded suncatcher. Hang your artwork in a window or share it with a friend.

DIY Fairy House

Making a magical fairy house is a fun way to engage with your child in pretend play and creative self-expression.

Make a Butterfly Costume

Explore the different parts of a butterfly with your child and then make a costume so that they can pretend to be the insect!

Chalkboard Canvas Puzzle

This DIY chalkboard puzzle is a great craft and art project rolled into one! Have your child make his own with just a few simple supples.