This week, MPT camp counselor, Krissy, has some dino-myte activities to dig into!

Ages 3-5

Homemade Fossils

With some basic kitchen ingredients, your child can have fun learning about fossils in this hands-on educational activity.

Make Dinosaur Feet

Compare the differences between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pteranodons while making your own prehistoric model feet out of tissue boxes!

Build Edible Nests

In this activity, build a one-of-a-kind nest and then snack on it afterwards!

Create Herbivore Collage

Create and compare collages of animals that only eat plants and your child's favorite fruits and vegetables.

Make a Stegosaurus Puppet

Creating a Stegosaurus puppet will show your child how the dinosaur’s spikes and tail helped it survive.

Critter Adventure

Explore a natural setting to find the perfect critter to collect. Then, keep it safe in a temporary home your child creates.

Ages 6-8

Build Your Own Volcano

Help your child understand how a volcano forms and what causes it to erupt in this classic “science fair” experiment.

Create Dino Tracks

Transform your child’s human footsteps into Tyrannosaurus rex trackways by painting and imprinting cardboard dinosaur feet.

Fix A Dino-Feast

Practice writing, reading, and eating in this food-themed activity!

Dino Color Mixing

Investigate the science of color while learning and using the word “hypothesis.”

Play Dino Ball

Encourage creativity and teamwork by helping children develop their own Dino Ball game.