Maryland Farm & Harvest High School Lesson Starters

Connect high school students with Maryland's rich agricultural landscapes and farming traditions. Use these lesson starters to explore the intersection of agriculture, innovation, and sustainability as students learn about the world of farming and harvest in their own backyard.

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Maryland is home to over 80 vineyards that produce wine. To produce wine, cultivists and vintners must have an in-depth understanding of certain biological processes in order to understand how to produce wine from yeast and grapes. What are the key differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

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Maryland is known for its oysters in the Chesapeake Bay. However, there is another bivalve species that is just as efficient at helping maintain the health of the Chesapeake Bay just as much as oysters. Those organisms are called scallops. What efforts are underway to restore scallop populations?

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Dairy Cow Genes
Grades 9-12

Farmers have spent years using technological advancements in agriculture to come up with methods to reproduce the best types of dairy cows. Using the concepts of genetics, farmers can create cattle offspring with the best traits that help with dairy production. How exactly are farmers able to do this?

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